One of the keys to precise retrieval is precise indexing. The more you can control indexing vocabulary, the better the retrieval.

Built-in controls allow for various degrees of control, from rigid selection of a single term from a list to multiple selections from a list and to the introduction of new terms by trained indexers.

Vocabulary Control

All STAR applications provide for controlled vocabularies for subject headings, personal and corporate names, places, products, classes - any field where input can be selected from a finite list.

Customers can control the content of their vocabulary authority databases and create new authorities using the built-in tools — for standalone use or use with STAR applications, such as those in the Knowledge Management and Library Automation product families. Both flat authority files and ANSI standard thesauri are supported.

STAR/Thesaurus follows the ANSI/NISO Z39.19-1993 Standard. It supports the use of imported thesauri and taxonomies, as well as the creation of new hierarchical vocabularies.

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