CuadraSTAR has long been recognized for having the most powerful and flexible report-generation in the information industry. Users can choose from hundreds of pre-defined reports or create their own reports easily, using CuadraSTAR's built-in capabilities.

Report Generation

CuadraSTAR™ lets you display, print, download, or email a wide variety of reports, providing for descriptive, relevancy-ranked, and statistical formats, as well as "smart" hypertext search links, and embedded thumbnails and linked electronic files. CuadraSTAR applications include hundreds of pre-defined report formats, as well as the capability for you and your users to define reports "on the fly."

CuadraSTAR's sorting capabilities are unprecedented—with support for ascending and descending order, and sorting on up to 20 levels.

Customers can, at any time and without any assistance from Cuadra, output their data in its entirety, in either tagged or delimited formats.

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