The current version of CuadraSTAR™, Release 5.2, represents significant enhancements to STAR Web, and a variety of features aimed at making it easier for customers to manage their CuadraSTAR systems.


CuadraSTAR™ is the core technology that underlies all of Cuadra's knowledge management solutions.

Unlike many software packages, CuadraSTAR was designed to serve multiple information management needs in libraries, information centers, archives, museums, records centers, and publishing organizations. Such organizations differ in the processes and language that they use but they share a common need for efficient and accurate input of both structured and unstructured data, automatic indexing, sophisticated retrieval, flexible output, and data security.

CuadraSTAR provides robust capabilities for managing both traditional and electronic information, with easy input, security, and long-term retrievability. Its capabilities, together with Cuadra's customer support, explain why organizations with challenging information needs use CuadraSTAR to help them manage their mission-critical and cultural heritage information.

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